Victim of Prophecy
Book One: Cursed Destiny
YA Epic Fantasy
(Editing--63000 words)

Matthias has only one clue to his past - a book he's never bothered to read. But when he's thrust into a world of knighthood and powers he didn't know he had, he learns the prophecies it contains threaten the death of all he holds dear.

Book Two: Fallen Redemption
YA Epic Fantasy


Book Three: Pyrrhic Victory
YA Epic Fantasy


Open Eyes
YA Epic Fantasy
(Editing--97000 words)

The king of Orkeia will stop at nothing to exterminate all the magic holders in his kingdom. Kenna, a white witch, will stop at nothing to avenge her family's lives. But when she finally reaches the castle, she realizes the devastating truth:

She's too soft to kill the king.

Having successfully been accepted as a member of the king's court, Kenna's in too deep to simply walk away. Her daily ruse as a lady becomes even more dangerous when the king takes a special interest in her. What's worse, she finds herself enjoying his attention.

How can she avenge her family when she's falling in love with their murderer?

Secondhand Heart
YA Epic Fantasy
(Editing--80000 words)

Sequel to OPEN EYES
Kenna must find a way to protect her family from Captain Lewin. Fighting him seems to be the only answer, until an old friend approaches her with an idea so crazy it just might work.

Immortal Scorn
YA Contemporary Paranormal

Liz Anderson thought her senior year was going to be the best year of her life. That was before her boyfriend was killed in a car crash--at least, that's the official report.

When a strange man named Raoul contacts her saying his death was no accident, Liz is pulled into a world she thought only existed in nightmares. When she finally arranges to meet with Raoul, he doesn't show. He's found dead the next morning, two small puncture marks in his neck.

Scared out of her wits, Liz hardly dares to leave the house. Only two months later, when the killings seem to have stopped, does she venture outside during the nighttime hours. Everything seems still until she feels a sharp pain in her neck.

When she wakes up, she's in an abandoned warehouse. An abnormally pale, yet attractive, man is watching her. She has no idea who he is or where they are. The worst part, however, is the burning sensation in her throat--the thirst for blood.

Once Upon a Time
(Working title--not near finalized!)
YA Fantasy (Fairytale)

*Since I'm not sure exactly where the story's going, I'll just share the first few lines with you*

Once upon a time, I died.

Let's not get sentimental about it. After all, my mother warned me this would happen. Well, not exactly - she just said I'd lose.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mum. It's not my fault a gold slipper got the best of you.
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