about me

Question 1: Who are you?

My name is Tiffany Garner, but let's skip over the boring stuff. Let's see....I've lived in almost every region of the United States, so I guess you could say I'm a nomad. I'm currently a university student with the end goal of becoming a high school drama teacher (in addition to an author, of course!)

Other than that, I am a singer, a bookworm, a big sister, a loyal friend, a Christian, and a perfectionist when it comes to my own work.

Question 2: Why did you start this blog?

Suffice to say, I've caught the writing bug. Ever since I picked up the Harry Potter series at the age of nine, I have always loved reading, and eventually found that I loved telling my own stories as well. Combining my two loves, I started writing Harry Potter fanfiction and posting it on the web, surprised when I received positive feedback (About fanfiction? You must be joking!)

But I knew fanfiction wouldn't be the end-all, be-all for me. While still in High School, I took classes on developing my talent and creating an original story, and from that the Victim of Prophecy series was born. As I spent more and more time writing, I developed an undeniable passion for it, one that I never wish to go away.

Because I am passionate about these stories! I love these characters! I love these stories, and I want to share them with the world!

Question 3: Do you have any words of wisdom?

Well, I always say that you're only as good as who you steal from, so in the words of Albus Dumbledore:

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

I hope you'll join me in my journey, and share your passion!

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