Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ctrl + N

It's been so long since I hit that key combination on my keyboard. As far as writing is concerned, I haven't opened a new document in Word in months.

Until tonight.

It's sitting open on my laptop. Waiting. Just waiting.

Ever since I finished the outline for my NaNo, I've been itching to start writing it, but like a good little girl I'm waiting.


Here's why I love NaNo: it's exciting. Diving into something like this is thrilling and just a whole lot of fun. 

But from my experience, I've realized that the excitement wears off. Soon it gets hard to put aside the time needed to complete this challenge (especially this week for me), you have new story ideas, but you're stuck with this one because otherwise you'll never finish--

Don't forget that excitement of opening a new document.

And come November 30th, you'll feel the excitement of submitting your word count, saying you've done it.

My clock says twenty minutes left to wait.

Knock 'em dead, NaNo-Writers!



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