Tuesday, November 11, 2014

when you read a really good book...

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There are some books that you just can't put down. Some books that inspire you so much you feel like brilliance will just shoot out of your fingertips the next time you start to write.

...If only that really happened...

But regardless, Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson was one of those books for me. It took me by surprise - the blurbs I've found online for it do not do the story justice.

The story isn't anything like my own - I'm writing an epic fantasy, and Steelheart is in the realm of a dystopian - but I was still incredibly inspired as I read it. It sparked my imagination, and caused me to think about my own books in a different way.

I can't even fully describe it. I'm just glowing.

The more we read, the better we will write. It's just a fact.

And I am itching to get my hands on book two.

Read any good books lately?


PS - The best part is that I got to read it under the guise of doing homework for my graduate level "Literature and the Adolescent Experience" class. I love my program.

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