Friday, August 5, 2011

All my good ideas come when mowing the lawn....

If you've been following me, you probably saw my 'Mowing the Lawn' post a while ago. I tend to think a lot while I'm out there, because it's the only way to distract myself from the sweat getting in my eyes (it's the middle of summer!) and the roaring of the engine. About a week ago, I actually mowed the lawn in the dark. Talk about a challenge! But from that experience (and from chatting with Katrina Lantz about it) I came up with a super creepy opening scene for a new book. Unfortunately, that now means I have something to work on on top of my five book series. It's a blessing and a curse.

Today was no different. A million story ideas popped through my mind, as did ideas for more scenes in my series VICTIM OF PROPHECY. (as if I need to add another book! Sheesh!) I kept playing them out in my mind like a movie, running through various situations and solving current problems or inconsistencies.

So where do you get your ideas? Mine of course are not limited to the lawn, but that's just somewhere I'm noticed they come :) Do you have any situations or places that tend to give you spurts of creativity?



  1. Awesome! Yes, I have places where epiphanies come easier: the shower, in bed when I'm TRYING to sleep, and while doing the dishes.

    Also, if I'm knee-deep in the climax of a book, my husband will have a really hard time getting my attention at the dinner table, and he always knows what that vacant expression is all about. :)

    Blessing and a curse!

  2. I think I've mown the lawn less than 10 times in my life. My good ideas usually come in the shower or at the gym.


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