Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Question: Where do you find inspiration?

My Answer: Everywhere.

For my Theatre Education class, we're asked to post 'teaching ideas' rather regularly. These range from short ideas about how to teach something to full lesson plans. I've found inspiration for these from the strangest places--sometimes one word someone says sparks something in my brain and it just takes off.

Pan, the Greek God of shepherds and flocks
Most recently, I was trying to think of a lesson plan to outline, and as I sat at my laptop I chatted with one of my roommates. I can't remember what we were talking about, but I said the phrase 'pan out'. Pan. The Greek God. Satyrs. Satire. Theatre. Greek chorus. "I GOT IT!!"

It's amazing how the human mind works, isn't it? It makes connections that we don't necessarily see if we aren't keeping our mind open. It is from these connections we gain the most invaluable inspiration, because only your brain can make those specific connections.

I think I've mentioned before that the idea for the paranormal novel I'm working on right now came from chatting with my cousin on facebook. The idea for my series, VICTIM OF PROPHECY, came simply form wanting to write a book about a boy destined to be a king--that's not even the focus of the story anymore. The idea for another book in my 'story ideas' folder came from a dream I had. Another was inspired by events in my own life and how my life would be different if I'd changed one decision.

You never know when an idea is coming, so don't ever squelch your creativity!

Where have you found inspiration?


  1. lyrics from a song can dreams play a big role in some of the stories I've created. Watching random people while driving by them, I'll make up stories for them to work out my own curiosity.

  2. I agree that I find inspiration everywhere; television, music, dreams, convos with friends and family, books I'm reading/have read, and yes, even celebrity crushes ... LOL

    About eleven years ago, I remember watching a movie on Lifetime about a woman who wanted to be an actress but she worked a bunch of different jobs to support herself while trying to hit the big time. She starts dating these two very different men and one night, the two men meet each other at her door and in a drunken argument over who was better for her, she decides she can't choose and she'll keep dating them both. Neither of them want to give her up so they go along with it.

    Well, the point I'm trying to make is that even after eleven long years have passed I randomly thought about that movie one day and inspiration hit. That's how Living Behind Glass Shadows came to fruition. It wasn't a memorable movie, or exceptionally thought provoking, but something about it lingered around long enough for me to have an AHA! moment.

  3. It's funny how often story ideas start in one place and the story ends up in a completely different place. :)

  4. Count me in on the inspiration from music. Lyrics can start a free association chain for me like the one you shared. Your class sounds like a blast. Ever tried the lesson where you improv. what just happened before the moment a photo or a painting depicts?

  5. Inspiration is definitely a fickle thing! It can be hard for me to trace the idea back to where it came from. Sometimes things really do just jump out at me from nowhere.

  6. Don't laugh, but the idea for my YA horror novel came from Teen Vogue.

    And I'm not talking about some of those scary looking models. :D

  7. My ideas usually come from when I am bored and just thinking about stuff.

    That's why boredom can be a writer's friend.


  8. I agree! I think every idea is worth looking at! And ... they are everywhere!

    And hey! Look at you sporting the writing black belt's creed! Go you!


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