Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's Play Tag!!

You wonderful five followers of mine have been TAGGED!

Brigid Gorry-Hines at My Life as a Teenage Novelist
Lynda at W.I.P It

Now that you've been tagged, you have to share 10 random facts about yourself on your next blog--whether they be funny, exciting, embarrassing, or simply interesting (or even boring) is up to you! When you've finished, pick five worthy bloggers to be TAGGED! I can't wait to see what you all say!

A huge thanks to Kelley at Writtled for tagging me! She just got her 200th follower, and you should definitely add to the list! Also, she has some great random facts of her own posted here!

So here's my ten facts:

1. I am afraid of corners. Not being cornered (though that too)---corners. As in, there are four walls in a room and the spot where two of them meet. Yeah.

2. I own nine Harry Potter wands. Eight of them are replicas from the movies (Harry's, Ron's, Neville's, Luna's, Ginny's, Voldemort's, and Hermione's x 2) and one is my very own from Ollivander's Wand Shop in the Magical World of Harry Potter! In addition, I also have the time turner, a Gryffindor house uniform (cloak, tie, sweater), and other random nic nacs from the movies. Thank you Warner Brothers and Universal Studios!

3. Going along with the last one: I sewed Hermione's dress from the yule ball in the fourth movie for Easter one year. Here's the picture of me in it:

4. Over the summer, I did a six week study abroad in London. During those six weeks, I went up to Scotland with five other girls. While in Scotland, we backpacked, flagged down a bus, and were stalked by cows. Yes, cows.

5. I am a musical theatre enthusiast, but I have yet to see such classics as Oklahoma and South Pacific, amongst many other things I should be familiar with but am not. I have, however, seen Naughty Marietta, which is hilarious!

6. I am constantly using the British spelling of words without even realizing it. Like 'traveling'. I had to work hard just now not to spell it with two 'l's.

7. I have a passion for the Sims. When I get stuck in a spot in my WIP, I open up Sims and create my characters in the game. I recently bought the Sims Medieval, and I pretty much squealed.

8. Favorite TV shows: Psych (James Roday is my hero!!), Bones (can't wait for the new season), and Doctor Who (what's going to happen next?!?!)

9. I hate horror movies, but I love horror stories. It's just watching it that I can't stand.

10. I am obsessed with swords. Obsessed.

Can't wait to read your ten facts! And, if you weren't tagged, what's a random fact about you?


  1. afraid of corners is hilarious:)
    your take on horror movies is perfect.

  2. Man, I would kill for just one Harry Potter wand. And you have 9! Lucky.

  3. yeah, horror movies are scary. But I can't read them when I'm alone in the house either. Hehehe.

  4. Thanks so much for the tag, Tiffany :D that Hermione dress is incredible - I think you could totally wear it normally and get away with it! Also, so glad I'm not the only person totally obsessed with the Sims. Who could resist playing God for a little while, though? :)

  5. Wow. So many wands. What a collection! That dress is gorgeous. Great job.

    And I love your taste! I'm such an HP geek. =D

  6. Thanks for the shout-out :)

    I love yours; they're all great. The dress is awesome. I need to work on my sewing skills, and you've had so many cool adventures! Coooows. lol That could make a good horror movie, right? AND OMG yes #6. I like "colour" better. I did it a lot in h.s. I'm getting better about it now. lol

  7. The dress you sewed is beautiful!
    And I'm with you about the horror movies. I like to know what they're about, but I can't watch them. If I did, I wouldn't sleep for a week.

  8. That Yule Ball dress is too cute! I can't believe you sewed it yourself - I envy your mad skills!


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