Monday, February 11, 2013

My guilty pleasure....


I am not ashamed to admit it. I love Harry Potter fanfiction.

.....Okay, maybe I'm a little ashamed.

Here's the thing--fanfiction's where I got my start at writing. If it weren't for the feedback I got from others writing fanfiction, I never would have even thought about starting my own book. 

But look at me now! I will be published one day, whether that's through a publishing house or on my own. I have my own world and characters that I love, and more stories developing in my head every day.

And yes, some of those stories are still fanfiction.

I only write Harry Potter fanfiction, but....I still do it. Especially when I'm stuck on my own story. I'd like to think my fanfiction's original, but whether it is or not, I have fun with it and it helps me get out of writer's block.

I spent all day Saturday writing three different HP fanfics......


And to answer your question, no, I am not giving you the links to my fanfiction pages.


Here are generic links to the websites I use to publish, if you like fanfiction. I am not, however, giving you my username. I prefer to stay at least semi-anonymous in the fanfiction world :P

On this website you can find fanfiction for anything in the world--and I mean anything. However, it's not moderated, and the majority of it is just awful. I do publish on here, though, and there are a number of gems within the muck.

The website I live on. There's still plenty of awful writing on here, but each chapter has to be validated by a reviewer before it's published, so you don't get as much slime.

So yeah....that's my guilty pleasure.

Don't judge me.



  1. Links! Links! Links! Links! *stops chanting* Please?

  2. I love the new blog design! Soooo pretty!


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