Friday, February 15, 2013

Writing conferences

Every February, there is a writing conference in my town. I look forward to it every year. This year it happened to fall on Valentines day weekend, and I can't think of a better way to spend Valentines day when you don't have a significant other :)

I think I've posted on writing conferences before, but let me just reiterate how helpful they are. Even if you don't have a project you're currently working on, you should go to them. Not only do you get to meet a lot of people (networking, yay!) but you can gather so much inspiration. After having writer's block for almost two months, just coming to this conference has helped me tap back into my inspiration and love of writing. (The fact that my senior project is almost done helps too :P)

If you are working on a project, I guarantee you you'll find helpful panels and lectures on whatever you're struggling with (if you're struggling--knowing all of you you're probably doing just fine, though!). Believe it or not, there are hundreds--thousands, really--of people who have been exactly where you are right now in your writing career, and all of them are perfectly willing to give advice. (Well, I say all...)

If you have something ready to query or pitch, great! Most conferences have pitching sessions you can sign up for beforehand. Even if you don't get that opportunity, you never know who you'll bump in to (so have your elevator pitches ready, everyone!)

Lastly, if you happen to be at this conference, I would love to meet you! I'm at Life, the Universe, and Everything (LTUE). If you're here too, just shoot me an email (tiffany_garner [at] hotmail [dot] com) and I'd love to see you tomorrow! :)

Good luck with your writing! Never give up!


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  1. I am always uber-energized after a conference. They are so inspirational.


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