Tuesday, April 16, 2013

books vs. movies

Hey guys! In case you didn't get the memo, I'm hosting a giveaway this week to celebrate reaching 500 followers on Twitter! I'm giving away three awesome books that are coming out as movies in the next year!

And in keeping with that theme, I thought I'd talk about movies that are based on books.

There's always controversy when books are brought to the big screen, over the screenplay, the actors, the costuming - you name it, someone has a problem with it. You are never going to get a unanimous "YES" from a book's fans when a movie is released.

Why? Because literature and film are different languages.

It's true. The way you tell a story through the written word is vastly different from how you tell it visually. There are some things you can do in a book that you simply can't do in a movie, and vice versa.

So which is better? The right question is, which do you like more?

Personally, I love both! They speak to me in completely different ways, because they can't be the same! 

People tend to have problems with book-movies because they want to see on the screen exactly what they saw in their head while reading the book. The thing is, thousands of other people read the exact same book and they all had a different movie in their head than you. That's the great thing about books - they stimulate your imagination, and you create your own movie.

But the great thing about movies is their ability to bring the story to life. Sometimes, the life they bring to the story is slightly different from the book, but that's only natural. If filmmakers tried to mimic books exactly, we wouldn't have very good movies.

Think about it. If the screenwriters for Lord of the Rings had tried to put everything in those movies - that would not have been enjoyable. Some things just don't translate well onto film.

Besides, I really love going to a movie and seeing the story in a new light, for the first time. I treat the movie as its own individual story and let them tell it to me, without worrying about what's different from the book. I also love the surprise when they show certain scenes differently. I like not knowing exactly what's going to happen.

Yes, filmmakers make mistakes. Yes, some book-movies are awful. But when you realize that it's a different language and look at the movie as its own story, you'll see just how beautiful and wonderful they can be.

Tomorrow I'll blog about some of my favorite book-to-movie adaptations, so check back in!

Which do you tend to like better - movies or books?



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